EducateOUT Project


What is EducateOUT?

Motivated by what we see across the globe, the mission of our EducateOUT Project is to educate the public about what is happening to sexual and gender minorities in different nation states.


From designing training courses for professionals to improve their practice, recording podcasts for the public with activists across the globe or developing educational workshops, our Education Officers bring to life the voices of those who we work with. Whether you are a school, college, university or an interested member of the public, we welcome you to our page.

Explore some of our past and

upcoming work below


Hidden Voices

Podcast Project

Documenting 20 voices from 20 different nation states, we worked with individuals and activists to record their stories and their lived experiences. We warmly welcome you to listen to the podcasts here.


OUTAcademy: Campaigner Training for New Global Activists

Our OUTAcademy is a virtual academy where we train up the future leaders and activists of the future, to make social change happen for sexual and gender minorities. Our annual ‘Campaigner Training’ trains up 30 new sexual and gender minority activists from 30 different countries, in the Global North and Global South.


Read about how we work to inspire others to make social change happen.

OUTAcademy: CPD Training Courses for Professionals

As part of our OUTAcademy, we offer a range of paid training courses for professionals and organisations as well as consultancy opportunities for global organisations who want to bring onboard sexual and gender minorities.


Read about the training courses that we currently have an offer.